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Tool Setting is often overlooked when it comes to production, but with the use of proper setting tools and techniques, you can improve tool life, tool holder life and workplace safety.

Tool life is vastly improved when tools are gripped at an appropriate force. Any less force than required and there’s a chance the tool may move causing damage to the tool and risking a crash. Too much and you risk damaging the nut of the tool holder and spring collet inside.

Torque wrenches make tightening and setting tool holders easy, repeatable and accurate. With a torque wrench, you would simply set the tool as usual in the holder but instead of tightening the nut with a manual fixed spanner until you deem it fit, you tighten the nut until you both hear an audible click and feel the click too. This lets you know the tool holder is torqued up to the desired force stated on the tool. This also makes setup easy and consistent as everyone has their own feel of how tight to tighten the nut. Now tooling is set to the recommended value every time.

Torque wrenches also aid in workplace safety. When someone tightens a tool up too much, it can be a real challenge to undo. This becomes a risk when a tool is in the holder because the increased force required to release the tool creates instability in the wrench and user, making the wrench prone to slipping and causing harm. Similarly if a nut has been overtightened, it is common for people to use extensions to standard wrenches to create a lever long enough to undo the nut. This similarly puts the user at risk of slipping off the tool, trapping or cutting themselves.

Simarly to this, we also supply bench mounted tool changers. Changing a tool has never been easier or safer. This new tool setter allows you to simply drop a tool in and go. No need for tightening anything as this holder automatically holds the tool in place.

At Fullerton we also stock a range of hand held torque drivers. These drivers are incredibly important when loading up tools that holds inserts as accurate tension can be the difference from tips being loose, or cracking.

See full details about these pre set torque drivers on the Wiha page


Work holding

At Fullerton, we know the importance of effective and simple work holding. The setup of a job can impact the time spend and profits massively which is why we offer solutions to keep setup times down, and keep your machine machining.

Our low profile easy adjust vice stop is a simple but incredible piece of kit. Adjustable using a single bolt on top, this vice stop is remarkably easy and quick to get set and in place. The stop itself is a piece of 10mm steel bar with a bend at 75% to allow you to set the body of the stop under the height of the vice reducing the chance of crashing to virtually 0.


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