Plastic/Composite Machining

Hufschmied Plastic and Composite Machining Catalogue

Dieterle Plastic Turning Catalogue


We offer a comprehensive range of cutting tools to allow swift and effective machining of plastics, composites and other non ferrous materials.

One of our signature tools when it comes to simple plastics like Acrylic and ABS is the Aluma Mill. Coming in a wide range of variations, this tool is about as universal as they get.

Another tool that is equally dominant in the plastic and composite market is the Aluma Drill. The Aluma Drill is second to non when it comes to drilling plastics, graphite, aluminium, composites and even wood based applications.


A prominent characteristic of milling tools by Hufschmied is that they are specifically configured for ”cold” machining with their chip geometry and sharp homogenous flute edges. All tools are made from special hard metals, optimised for the wear mechanisms that are present in fibre-reinforced polymers.

Special chip breaker geometries for reduced cutting forces decrease procedural stresses and heat to the extent that there is no delamination, fraying or fibre protrusion.  Hufschmied provides a wide range of standard catalogue tools in various dimensions. Our team will also be happy to support you in finding tailored solutions for the machining of composites.  Furthermore, optimised milling programs will achieve cost-efficient processing for every sector.


Dieterle offer an incredible range of tooling when it comes to turning plastics and composites.

Between these two, we’re confident we can find the best solution for your manufacturing requirements.


We also offer solutions for machining large faces with our oversized lightweight face mill.


Oversized lightweight, low profile face mill

Fullerton UK is pioneering this innovative, versatile face mill. Available in 160mm and 200mm diameter.

– Aerospace Aluminium Construction
– Lightweight for easy one handed loading at just 1.4kg
– 10 Universal Pockets that suit a wide variety of inserts
– Compatible with Square, Round (Button), Octagonal and PCD (Poly Crystalline Diamond)
– Exceptional surface finish with unparalleled flatness.
– One pass potential with no step-over lines
– Comes with a 40mm bore to suit SK/BT 40 spindles (Manual tool change required)
– Perfect for a multitude of machine applications from manual machines to large machining centres

Composite, plastic, foam, acrylic, aluminium, model board are just a few of the materials where a large
surface needs to be machined. Lightweight construction makes this tool suitable for routing machines where
weight is an issue in the main composite market.