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Windows and Doors


At Fullerton UK we are experts in tooling supplying tooling for the manufacture of PVC and Aluminium windows and doors.


When it comes to manufacturing, many companies use over priced and low quality tooling. It’s often a misconception that cheaper tools save you money, when often this is the opposite of true.

At Fullerton we understand the importance of tooling and recognise the huge difference good tooling makes compared to poor tooling.

  • Extend tool life meaning more time is spent machining and less time changing, measuring and setting tooling.
  • Manufacture a better end product due to improved surface finish and tool accuracy.
  • Run faster and harder to get more work done in the same or less time boosting productivity and profitability.
  • Achieve better value for money over the life of the tool

Not only do we supply top quality tooling but also a wealth of knowledge to ensure you get the most out of your tooling and machinery. We at Fullerton have an expert team of technical sales engineers to ensure you have the support and contact you need regarding best practices, setup and performance of the tooling provided.

We have several suppliers that perfectly suit the PVC/Aluminium windows and door manufacture such as Hufschmied, Zecha and Fullerton. These suppliers all offer tooling that is perfect for this specific industry with unique offerings from each of the three.

Core tooling recommendations include:

Hufschmied single flute router bits – Excellent for slots and channels, particularly effective in plastics such as PVC. (As pictured above)

Fullerton 3 flute Aluma Drill – Perfect for drilling precise holes swiftly. The three flute design and self centering point improve stability and concentricity to product a very round and accurate hole, quickly.

Fullerton 3 flute Aluma Mill – An incredible range of milling cutters that remove plastics and aluminium with precision and haste. With 3 flutes and a range of end forms available, (Square, different size radius and ball end). From 3mm to 20mm, this range comes in excellent in particularly aluminium and plastics.

HSS Drills – Perfect for use on PVC and Aluminium when a hand drill is required. Coated HSS drills are recommended, however uncoated are available too and depending on application, both have their place.



On top of new solid carbide tooling, we offer re-grinding and supply of carbide tipped saw blades.

Carbide tipped saw blades are a tool that shouldn’t need replacing often, however re-grinding is a must. Assuming all teeth are in tact and merely worn, saw blades can be easily re sharpened with a relatively quick turn around.

Fullerton UK Ltd proudly distributes tools from the following companies.

To place an order for our high quality tooling, please give us a ring at 01484 665 489/01484 660 626.