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Fullerton UK Ltd Partners with CPT

C.P.T is a global leading manufacturer of high quality cutting tools. Thread turning inserts and Tool holders, Mill-Thread inserts and Tool Holders. Mill-Thread Solid Carbide, Spiral Mill-Thread, grooving Tools, Mini Chamfer mills and the Tiny Tools line of small boring bars for threading, turning and grooving small parts. The company’s different product lines are recognized worldwide as advanced technology, reliable full range lines that offer accurate geometry, excellent cutting performances and extended tool life. C.P.T also produces special tools in accordance with customer’s requirements.

CMT Vertical Mill Thread Indexable Inserts

C.P.T. present a new family of vertical thread milling indexable inserts To perform a wide variety of threads.


  • Ground profile inserts for high precision and excellent performance
  • Working at high machining parameters, with high surface quality
  • Solid and accurate clamping method enables full repeatability


  • Partial Profile 55 ͦ & 60  ͦ
  • ISO
  • UN
  • G 55 ͦ
  • Trapez – DIN 103
  • Chamfering and Grooving
  • Groove Milling

Solid Carbide Milling Tools – Grooving

For Grooving Deep Parts Carbide Grade – MT8 Sub-micron grade with advanced PVD triple coating (ISO K10-K20) Extremely high heat resistant and smooth cutting operations for high performance and normal machining conditions.


  • Enables machining in deep holes
  • Coolant through the flutes in very effective for deep holes
  • Longer tool life due to special multi-layer coating
  • Shorter machining time due to multi 3-5 flutes


  • MG – W – Groove Milling
  • MG – R – Full Radius Groove Milling

Mill Thread Solid Carbide  HARDCUT

C.P.T. are pioneers in offering solid carbide thread mill tools designed specifically for the Machining of hardend materieals up to 62HRC.  These tools provide high performance improved cut and excellent finish MTSH  & MTH types have carbide grade  MT9- Ultra fine sub-micron grade with advanced PVD triple coating Offering a perfect solution for, the Die & Mold industry.  Hardend Steel and Cast Iron up to 62HRC.  Super Alloy (Hastelloy, Inconel, Nickel base Alloys)


  • Coating provides high wear and heat resistance
  • Ultra fin grade – dedicated for hardened materials
  • Short cycle time- increases productivity


  • MTSH – Mini Mill – Thread HARDCUT
    • ISO
    • UN
  • MTS Type
    • ISO
    • UN

Tiny Tools

Solid Carbide tools for working in small bores These tools are made for high tech medical and small component industry Cooling channel on the shank, enabling the cooling fluid to reach the cutting edge For easy chip removal and smooth cutting operations


  • T = Turning
  • P = Profiling
  • Q = Profiling & Boring
  • I = Threading
  • D = Chamfering
  • G = Grooving
  • K = Full Radius Grooving
  • F = Facing
  • Z = Full Radius Facing
  • X = Back Turning
  • U = Profiling
  • W= Chamfering & Profiling
  • V = Deep Face Grooving


  • MTR – Boring Bars
  • MXR – Back Turning Bars
  • MPR – Profiling and Boring Bars
  • MUR – Profiling 90 ͦ Face Cutting Bars
  • MQR- Profiling and Boring Bars
  • MIR – Threading Bars
  • MDR – Thread Relief, Chamfering & Grooving
  • MCR- Thread Bars
  • MWR – Chamfering and Boring Bars
  • MGR – Chamfering and Profiling Bars
  • MKR – Grooving Bars
  • MFR – Face Grooving Bars
  • MFL – Face Grooving Bars
  • MVR – Deep Face Grooving Bars MVR
  • MZR – Face Grooving Bars
  • Tiny Tool Bar Holder
  • Tiny Tool Kits

Mini Mill Threads

General purpose for all materials

MTS Carbide grade MT7: Sub-Micron grade with Titanium Aluminum Nitride multi-layer coatings (ISO K10-K20) To be run at medium to high cutting speeds.

MTI Carbide Grade MT8: Sub-Micron grade with advanced PVD triple coating (ISO K10-K20).  Extremely high heat resistant, with a smooth cutting operation.  For high performance and normal machining conditions.


  • MTS
    • Threading from M1 x 0.25
    • Working high cutting speed
    • Short machining time
    • Low cutting forces thanks to short profile.
    • No broken taps
    • Machining of hardened materials up to 45HRC
  • MTI
    • Enables machining in deep holes
    • Same tool can produce a wide range of threads and pitches
    • Same tool can produce both External and Internal threads
    • Coolant through the flutes is very effective for deep holes
    • Spiral flutes allow smooth cutting action
    • Shorter machining time due to multi 3 to 5 flutes
    • Longer tool life due to special triple coating


  • MTS
    • ISO
    • UN
    • G 55 ͦ
    • UNJ – with internal coolant through flutes
    • MJ – with internal coolant through flutes
  • MTI
    • Partial Profile 60 ͦ
    • ISO
    • UN

Thread Turning Inserts

A combination of ground profile and sintered chip-breaker threading inserts.  Unlike most other manufacturers inserts, this combination ensures consistent high quality thread, with precise shape and dimensions.    Two different unique styles of chip-breaker were designed to suit the different specific requirements of internal and external threads.


  • All of C.P.T. Type B inserts are made of BMA: Sub-Micro grain grade
  • BLU – PVD triple layer coating provides, very high strength and wear resistance.


  • Partial Profile 55  ͦ  &  60  ͦ
  • ISO – metric
  • UN – Unified
  • Whitworth 55 ͦ
  • NPT
  • NPTF
  • BSPT
  • ACME, Stub ACME
  • Trapez – DIN 103
  • PG – 40430
  • Sagengewinde – DIN 513
  • Round – DIN 405 & 20400
  • UNJ
  • MJ – ISO 5855
  • American Buttress
  • Oil threads
  • VAM

Mill Thread Inserts and Kits

Mill Thread tools for threading on CNC Milling machines by using helical Interpolation programs


  • Same toolholder and insert can produce both right & left had threads
  • A single insert & toolholder can produce a given thread on many diameters (External & Internal)
  • Prismatic shape of inserts tail ensures exact and reliable clamping in the toolholder
  • Most inserts are double sided having tow cutting edges
  • Thread is produced in one tool pass
  • MT tools can produce tapered threads
  • Improved productivity thanks to increased cutting speeds and multitooth type carbide inserts
  • Threading to one pitch of a shoulder in blind hole
  • Longer tool life thanks to a special multilayer coating process


  • ISO
  • UN
  • Whitworth 55 ͦ
  • BSPT
  • NPT
  • NPTF
  • NPS
  • NPSF
  • PG – DIN 40430
  • Internal ISO Kits