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Yet another happy customer using Fullerton products! Machining the 32 cavities in P20 tool steel we have our Fantom 2 High Feed Endmill held in the all new Schussler Hawk Eye ultra precision collet chuck. Significant cycle time reductions and surface finish improvements were achieved by using the latest cutting techniques, which allows optimal use of feeds and speeds and also increases tool life dramatically.

Exciting News

Fullerton UK Ltd will be launching a new Software Collaboration with Fulltex Software Ltd.   the Software in the interim will be aimed at the Milling Market where we find a whole host of labels referring to “Trochoidal Milling“.

The Buzz words are “I Machining” Peel Milling.

This software in conjunction with our contempory and brand new Trochoidal geometry’s, which come in the form of tried and trusted “Fantom” 5 Flute geometry which has a multitude of derivations which  starts at 3mm -25mm diameter.  The new and existing “Force” which come in 5, 7 & 9 flute tool. this tools starts at 6mm diameter through to 25mm diameter

The aforementioned tools will be closely followed by the The Introduction of the new hotly awaited “5 Flute Alumamill.

Information to Follow.



Fullerton UK Ltd will accept Worldpay as of June 2017, offering solutions for every type of credit/debit card payment. Worldpay services lets you make card payments securely online,  over the phone or via a mobile device.

Schussler HAWK EYE

We are proud to announce our new HAWK EYE precision ER collet chuck. High clamping forces combined with highly accurate runout (3 microns at 2.5 x D) allow a highly efficient cutting process. Thereby using the full potential of your machine and cutting tools.