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Work holding, tailored to just what you need


Holding material can sometimes be the trickiest part of a job, but it doesn’t have to be.

We at Fullerton are now working with Spreitzer who are true experts in work holding. They offer an incredible range of equipment from centre clamping vice, freeze holding and magnetic clamping.

If you’ve a job that needs holding, we’ve got a top notch solution.

Reduce passes, increase cut and save time


When machining faces and walls, a ball nose is an old fashioned technique.

Introducing the new Fullerton Parabolic cutter from Inova. Reduce cycle times, speed production and improved surface finish.

The parabolic cutter takes wider cuts due to the large radius and long flute length reducing the cuts from as many as 5 to 1, speeding manufacturing times up incredibly.

This cutter is perfect for Mould and Die, Aerospace and Model Making as well as a number of other industries.

Modular Milling Heads


Save time in tool setting as all heads of the same style come manufactured to a length from the back face. This means you can quickly remove and replace a milling head to then continue machining where you left off. No additional tool setting required.

Another reason this style of tool is so attractive is that the shank is reusable therefor amount of carbide to manufacture the head is much less, lowering the cost of the tool overall.

The modular milling heads come in a huge range of variations.

This style of tool is incredibly flexible, versatile and efficient.

Speeds and Feeds Guide


Use our helpful guide to get the optimal speeds for your tooling.

Click the link below to open the digital booklet, find the tool you’re using and use the chart.

If any help is required please shoot us an email at

Click here for the Fullerton Speeds and Feeds Guide

pg.4 – Aluma Mill

pg.8 – Fury

pg.10 – Fantom

pg.12 – Force

pg.18 – Harmonicut

pg.20 – TiMill

pg.34 – Aluma Drill


Next Generation Tooling


As new materials emerge, new tooling is required to manage it.

Meet our newest addition to the range, the Kingfisher line.

The Kingfisher range is designed to make exotics such as Inconel, Duplex, Super duplex and Titanium a piece of cake.

Revolutionary coolant holes located in the depths of the flutes allow coolant to be as close to the exact point of cut as possible. This cools the tool and work piece improving chipping and reducing wear. Combined with the coolant providing an almost instant chip removal, tool life is incredible.

Smaller cutters offer jets of concentrated spray in line with the tool providing the same excellent swarf removal and material cooling properties.

Multi Function Milling Tool


The more work a single tool can do, the better. The Fullerton Multi-Function Milling Tool does about as much as you can do with the use of a single tool.

Make life easier with a tool that’s good for;

  • Spotting
  • Drilling
  • Side Milling
  • Chamfering
  • Slotting
  • Grooving
  • Engraving

Coated with a new generation of PVD coating combined with a high hardness, ultra fine carbide provides incredible wear resistance and stability.






Everyday tooling that's exceptional


Choose a tool that’s build to last, made for performance and goes above and beyond.

The Fury offers a variable helix and index meaning the cut is broken up, reducing chatter and vibrations.

Available in Stub, Standard and XL, plus sizes from 6mmØ to 25mmØ. Offering a mixture of square, ball and radius end from 0.25mm to 3mm radius.

All variations cut over centre with 4 flutes and FC-20 Coating.


Choose a cutter that can do it all.

Oversized lightweight face mill


Fullerton UK is pioneering this innovative, versatile face mill. Available in 160mm and 200mm diameter.

  • Aerospace Aluminium Construction
  • Lightweight for easy one handed loading at just 1.4kg
  • 10 Universal Pockets that suit a wide variety of inserts
  • Compatible with Square, Round (Button), Octagonal and PCD (Poly Crystalline Diamond)
  • Exceptional surface finish with unparalleled flatness.
  • Comes with a 40mm bore to suit SK/BT 40 spindles (Manual tool change required)
  • Perfect for a multitude of machine applications from manual machines to large machining centres


Titanium machining revolutionised


Introducing the new TiMill from Fullerton. The 3116 TiMill is a 6 Flute, high performance end mill designed to excel in difficult to machine materials like Titanium. It’s thick core increases strength and stability when cutting as well as provides improved surface finish.

InovaTools Partnership


We’re pleased to announce our latest partnership with InovaTools. They offer an incredible range of DeepMax drills of lengths up to 30xD with through coolant.


Drill holes to depths you never knew possible.


Click here to see more about InovaTools

Click here to read the deep hole drilling guide





Yet another happy customer using Fullerton products! Machining the 32 cavities in P20 tool steel we have our Fantom 2 High Feed Endmill held in the all new Schussler Hawk Eye ultra precision collet chuck. Significant cycle time reductions and surface finish improvements were achieved by using the latest tool paths and cutting techniques, which allows optimal use of feeds and speeds and also increases tool life dramatically.






Exciting News


Fullerton UK Ltd will be launching a new Software Collaboration with Fulltex Software Ltd. The Software in the interim will be aimed at the Milling Market where we find a whole host of labels referring to “Trochoidal Milling“.

The term is “I Machining” Peel Milling.

This software in conjunction with our contempory and brand new Trochoidal geometry’s, which come in the form of tried and trusted “Fantom” 5 Flute geometry which has a multitude of derivations which  starts at 3mm -25mm diameter.  The new and existing “Force” which come in 5, 7 & 9 flute tool. this tools starts at 6mm diameter through to 25mm diameter

The aforementioned tools will be closely followed by the The Introduction of the highly praised “5 Flute Alumamill.


Schussler Shrink Fit + HAWK EYE


We are proud to announce our new HAWK EYE precision ER collet chuck. High clamping forces combined with highly accurate runout (3 microns at 2.5 x D) allow a highly efficient cutting process. Thereby using the full potential of your machine and cutting tools.

Schussler offer a huge range of tool holding solutions to cater for a majority of machines.


Click here to see more tool holding options



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