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PCD and CBN Tools

As material technology moves forward, so does tooling. When it comes to cutting abrasive materials such as carbon fibre, fibreglass, custom composites and high pressure laminates. PCD is also incredibly effective when cutting Aluminium and Aluminium composite material.

PCD offers a huge range of advantages compared to solid carbide and carbide tipped cutters with the main opposition being the cost. On the surface it can seem a PCD tool is expensive, but with all things considered and given the correct application, it’s often incredibly more cost effective.

Depending on the material cut, PCD has been shown to out perform carbide tool life at a ratio of 300:1. This is a unique but real example, in reality you should regularly expect a conservative estimate of around 25 times tool life when compared to carbide. PCD doesn’t just last much longer than carbide, it also maintains a high quality, accurate finish even when working with such tough and abrasive materials.

PCD tooling has the benefit of lasting longer than carbide, which not only cuts overall tooling costs and average cost per part, but saves down time changing tools, checking for wear, resetting and re-measuring too. This alone can create a faster, more streamlined process, saving time and money.

At Fullerton we offer a huge range of PCD tooling including drills, inserts and end mills in a wide range of shapes and sizes depending on your application. If you’re unsure what tooling may suit your circumstances best, please get in contact with us. We’ve got a lot of experience helping customers cut a huge range of tough composites and fiber/resin blends and will have a solution for your needs.


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