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Shrink Fit

When it comes to tool holding, shrink fit tool holders are possibly the most sturdy, accurate and versatile.

What advantages to shrink fit tool holders have?

All Schuessler tool holders are finely balanced to G2,5 25.000 or max unbalanced to <1g meaning:

• Incredibly smooth rotation which protects the bearings meaning longer machine spindle life

• Maximum tool life is achieved due to even wear 360° by spinning the tool accurately in a single axis

• Improved milling surface due to the tool cutting evenly and smoothly

• Longer reaching with a thin neck allows milling close to steps and shoulders


Only when tools have an optimal run-out can tool performance be fully utilised and this in turn leads to reduced processing and downtime.

Additionally, the accuracy of the finished component is improved when a tool holder is running accurately. With a run out of <= 3 μ at 160mm, Schuessler tool holding is invaluable.

Another advantage of using shrink fit tool holding is that its often a slimmer, more versatile option compared to using a collet style holder. This allows you to get a longer reach down shoulders and steps which a conventional collet holder couldn’t reach.


As well as supplying the tool holders themselves, we also work with Schuessler to ensure you have an easy and efficient way to load and unload these tools. Shrink fit holders by design require heating up to expand the body which allows you to insert or remove a tool. To get the most out of your shrink fits it’s reccomended you use a designated tool heater. This avoids over heating the holder to ensure longevity in the holder and also ensures the holder shrinks onto the tool at the correct force.


  • High precision clamping
  • Flexible application independly of location
  • Easy transport due to lightweight construction
  • Patented induction shrinking process
  • Proven rapid change system for disk changing
  • Easy handling


Schussler U Connect Shrink fit flyer


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