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Thread Milling

Thread milling is the process of cutting a thread with a rotating tool with the specific form to suit thread you require. This is an alternative method to tapping a hole, however thread milling works on both internal and external threads. Thread milling is typically a more accurate and precise way to create a thread as the depth of thread can be accurately controlled.


Thread milling comes in particularly useful when either a large thread, an external thread, or accurate thread is required. Threads can be cut with a tool offering various numbers of teeth to where some applications use a thread mill offering a single point, some offering 15-20 teeth and some being indexable inserts that are screwed onto the end of a reusable steel shank. See the image above for the various examples.


Thread milling is not only effective for large threads, but also incredibly small ones too.


CPT is one of the leading manufacturers in the field of threading and tiny cutting tools. Their success is based on innovative, high-quality tools. Similarly, Zecha offer an incredible selection of high quality and extremely effective tooling too.

CPT and Zecha tools are used in a wide variety of industries such as engineering, aerospace hydraulics, pneumatics, automotive, shipbuilders and railways as well as dental and medical.

Through their specialisation in the threading field, they offer a wide range of different profiles and tools. Their product portfolio includes indexable inserts and holders for thread turning and thread milling, solid carbide thread mills, grooving and tiny tools.

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