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Thread Turning

Carbide Grade Selection

Coated Grades:-
HBA: Extra-fine sub-micron grade with high toughness, for optimised performance on hardened steels and
cast iron upto 62HRC, titanium alloys and super alloys (hastelloy, Inconel and nickel based alloys)

BLU: PVD triple layer coated sub-micron grade for stainless steels, cast iron, titanium, non ferrous
metals and most of the high temperature alloys.

BMA: PVD TiAlN coated sub-micrograin grade for stainless steels and exotic materials at medium cutting speeds.

P25C: PVD TiN coated grade for treated and hard alloy steels (25 HRC and up) at medium to low cutting speeds.

MXC: PVD TiN coated micrograin for free cutting untreated alloy steels (below 30HRC), for stainless steels
and cast iron.

BXC: PVD TiN coated grade for low cutting speed. Works well with wide range of stainless steels.

Uncoated Grades:-

P30*: Carbide grade for carbon and cast steels, works well at medium to low cutting speeds (available upon request)

K20*: Carbide grade for non ferrous metals, aluminium and cast iron (available upon request)

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